Episode 6 - Josh Moreali - On Raising an Extreme Sports Family

Young Han (00:00):
Hey guys, I'm young, a full-time dad and a full-time professional with the goal to become the best parent possible. The girl that show is my journey interviewing fellow working parents, aspiring to be both good at work and parenting. I'm gonna do this by gathering and sharing unfiltered perspectives for my guest to join me as I research parenthood one interview at the time.

Young Han (00:22):
Hey, meetings. Nice. I love Hey Josh. Thanks for joining me today on the girl dad show. I appreciate you taking the time.

Josh Moreali (00:33):
Thanks for having me Young. Oh man.

Young Han (00:35):
I'm really excited to talk to you about your personal life because I know you so well now on a professional level, working together with you at your business. And I'm really excited that you took the time to actually talk to me about who you are outside of work and kind of like maybe learn a little bit more about you there.

Josh Moreali (00:53):
The other side, man.

Young Han (00:54):
That's right. So before we get into it, let's talk about it. So what do you do for a living? Cause I know, but I don't think a lot of our listeners know what you do for a living. Be great to start with that.

Josh Moreali (01:03):
So my profession, I'm a physiotherapy and I'm the co-owner of progression motion physiotherapy, basically with your help, I've kind of taken on the role of COO, but at heart, my passion lies in with rehab services and helping people move back. Ultimately.

Young Han (01:23):
Yeah, you're, you're definitely passionate about the product and services that you sell, and it's really amazing work that you do. And I love that you've been embracing new skills and new things in your work life. And I thank you for giving the shout out to me as well, that's really great. Speaking of work, what are some of the big projects you're working on? I mean, I know, but I'd love for you to share with everybody what you're working on at PMP T and some of the big things that you have coming up.

Josh Moreali (01:49):
Oh man. So initially Joey and I were both physios at heart, like I said, so we created a business without any structure. So our big projects right now is creating the systems from marketing to the financials, to the systems within the business, for our employees and, and creating all that good stuff. So our big projects have been really laying down a true business foundation, man. Ultimately, our other projects include just continuing on that path of becoming better therapists, better rehab masters. Ultimately we're trying to get to that Jedi level Young.

Young Han (02:22):
Yeah, no I love it. And I feel it. I mean, you guys are like one of the funnest clients that I get to work with and it's, it's really exciting and, I'll do a little humble brag for you because it's important that everyone knows how much you guys are growing, but in the two months we've worked together, you guys have almost doubled your revenue. So you guys are like crushing and it's pretty exciting times for PMPT. And it's really exciting to see where you guys are headed. And I think it's a really great thing to talk about because I wanna talk to you mostly about how do you balance this level of work ethic and, and determination and goal setting your parenting, because you're also a very present father and you do a lot of things at work where you have to cancel meetings or you have specific schedules.
So you can be at specific things for your kids, and I've noticed it, you know, working with you. And it it's like really awesome. And that's kind of what prompted me to invite you to be on the podcast, cuz this is something that I've been really trying to explore and figure out for myself, like what does that balance it's between, you know, really growing my career, but also really growing and being a really great parent. So I'd love to talk to you about that, but before we get into it, can you tell me about your kids? Cause I don't even know like how many you have, what their names are, how old they are, like, you know, who do you love the most? Like, just kidding, but you know, I just wanna, yeah. Gimme the down-low on your kids.

Josh Moreali (03:37):
Oh man, I got, I got three, so, oh my oldest is a boy Eugene Luciano Mo sounds Italian, right?

Young Han (03:45):
Oh, very very me familiar name.

Josh Moreali (03:47):
I like it. G dog for short. He's eight years old. He's in, what is he in now? Second grade, man. Jesus. He about to go in the third. Nice. And then my middle child, female, little girl. She's six years old. Her name's Kara Mar and then my youngest two year old. That's the one that's trouble. Kara Mar or Carmella rose. So yeah, she's the one that keeps my hands full.

Young Han (04:16):
That's awesome. So you have a two year old, a six year old. And what is I a seven year old? Eight year old. You said? Yeah. Nice. And then how come the first and the last have more of an Italian name and the second has a more generic name.

Josh Moreali (04:30):
I don't know who named your kids. The first one, actually my wife named all of 'em. You know what? Kara is the one I chose. So that's probably why, but then I chose what is

Young Han (04:41):

Josh Moreali (04:42):
Luciano? Yeah.

Young Han (04:43):
Luciano. Is that Luciano for all three?

Josh Moreali (04:46):
No, just just for G. Yeah.

Young Han (04:48):
So why does Gino have the most Italian name I've ever heard in my life? The born.

Josh Moreali (04:52):
So that's when we, oh, got it. Got it.

Young Han (04:54):
I feel like there's a lot more focus and energy that goes into the first kid. Have you, have you felt the same way?

Josh Moreali (05:00):
Yeah, man, the first one it's it's very like scary. You're looking up on Google. Like, oh man, we had some events where like when he came home three days in, he peed pink. So we're, I'm glad we have Google man. Cuz Google tells you these common things that happen when a newborn comes home. And I guess tic crystals are common to be passed at three days in and we're freaking out, oh my God being pink, that's scary. There's a few things that happened with Gina where we're like, man, I'm glad we have Google.

Young Han (05:31):
That's awesome. I'm like really excited to hear about this. I didn't even know their names and I feel really bad because we've been working together for two months. Now. It's the first time I've ever asked you about your kids so that's not good, but I appreciate your empathy on that, but I'll, I'll make sure to be better about that moving forward. So something that I've noticed about me in my kind of exploration with being a dad and also trying to grow my career is I bring a lot of my childhood with me to parenting. And so I found that like I'm constantly trying to do things intentionally different from my parents because of X, Y, and Z reasons, or I'm trying to mimic them for X, Y, and Z reasons. So I feel like there's a lot of that inevitably, you know, that we take from our parents. And so I'd love to know what your childhood was like. So if, if you don't mind sharing with the listeners, like how'd you grow up

Josh Moreali (06:20):
My childhood was good, man. My mom was really present. She's definitely the backbone of the family. My dad, my dad's working his butt off too. And he was there on the weekends to take us out racing motorcycles cuz he worked for IBM, but also raced motorcycles professionally. So I grew up on a race track, man. I grew up on the sprint car, race track. I grew up on a motorcycle, race track. I've been racing since I was four years old. So that's kinda yeah

Young Han (06:45):
Wait, wait, like what kind of, what kind of race? What kind of motor?

Josh Moreali (06:50):
So motocross short track hill climbing and then of all sprint car drivers, the cars with the wings on it, the big wing on the top and they slide.

Young Han (07:01):
What are you serious? That's awesome. Wait and so how do you do that professionally and work at Intel. That's wild.

Josh Moreali (07:08):
He was IBM. IBM. Yeah. Oh sorry. IBM. So a lot of times the professional racing world, you can get on the circuit or you can race part of the circuit. So he was racing a lot of like when he was younger, he was doing a lot of the circuit. So that's traveling around the country and doing all the different tracks. But when he had us, he switched to mainly local and Utah, I guess Utah had what's called the Widow-maker. It's a crazy heel that they would go up on their extended swing arm, like long tail

Young Han (07:37):
That's wild. So is it a big, a big sport? Like is it a big franchise? Meaning like do you get sponsors in like a tendency?

Josh Moreali (07:44):
Yeah. Yeah. We gotta tap into that, that's my that's my deal. That's my wow. Yeah. it's bigger in the south kind of deal man, where they, they have more open land than the in Texas. Yeah, probably Texas first

Young Han (08:00):
Where are you from the south or where are you from?

Josh Moreali (08:03):
No, I grew up Jose man. All the way through

Young Han (08:06):
San Jose, yeah. Bay area for life. Yeah. I was born in Oakland. Yeah. So, no I'm I'm here for that, man. I love it. yeah. I love it. So do you still, do you still ride?

Josh Moreali (08:20):
Oh heck yeah. Not as much as I used to. There's a lot of injury.

Young Han (08:24):
What are you riding right now?

Josh Moreali (08:26):
So I got a, was it CR two 50, which is a Honda. I, I still ride a lot of the older bikes were the what's called two strokes, the very high windy. Like now they got like the four strokes, more environmentally, like friend, I guess in that sense, but it's harder and harder to ride nowadays. Cuz there's so much restriction on, land that you can use at what time of year. So now they have, what's called a red sticker where you can only go three months out of the year. So that's the other limiting factor now is injury risk. And then also it's harder to get out there. Yeah.

Young Han (09:00):
So do you let your kids ride?

Josh Moreali (09:03):
Heck yeah man.

Young Han (09:04):
Oh you do? That's Awesome

Josh Moreali (09:05):
That's another hard lesson I learned though. I tried to get my son on the bike at three years old to beat me.

Young Han (09:13):
Oh, he's beating me

Josh Moreali (09:13):
It didn't work out. I got training wheels on a little PW, 50, a little tiny minibike. He rode it, but then he did. What's called whiskey throttle. You hold it wide open and then you hit the fence head on, he flipped over the handlebars and it took a while to get confidence to ride again, man, he's barely, he like rocking at eight, but he's doing it now. He's killing it now.

Young Han (09:41):
Oh my God. How kids drive? Because it's like so funny to me because like my kids like jump rope the wrong way and I'm like, oh my God, don't hurt yourself. And you're just like, get that helmet on and go, go rip this motorized bike. Yeah. No. Are your girls doing it too? Or just your boy?

Josh Moreali (09:58):
Yeah, my girl, my my middle Kara. She's my middle child. She's rocking too. She's faster than Geno.

Young Han (10:05):
So is it because you grew up riding and you,  are like, I'm fine. I'm helping. I'm fine. So you're like, I just gotta do this. And do you feel like that actually creates like don't I mean, do you know what I'm saying? When I say like, some parents are very cautious about their kids' health physical safety.

Josh Moreali (10:20):
Yeah. No we're we definitely, we grew up in an extreme sport family. My mom grew up on a sprint car track too. I had scars all over my body, man. So she would just say like rub some dirt on it. Like she didn't even all too bad she really, my mother, she would see me come home. Cuz I've been dating my wife since sixth grade. Which if you wanna get into that later, but yeah, I would come home all gravel in my cuts. She'd be like, oh my God. Oh my God. I wasn't used to that.

Young Han (10:51):
No, I do want to get into that. You say you've been dating your wife since the sixth grade?

Josh Moreali (10:54):
Well, we've been friends since the sixth grade. We didn't date until high school really like us.

Young Han (11:00):
Oh, you guys, you guys met in the sixth grade. Got more serious in high school. And when did you guys get married?

Josh Moreali (11:07):
Dang man. 2012. So, so way after, cause I went to grad school. So that was part of the whole,

Young Han (11:14):
Did you, were you guys still together during that time or?

Josh Moreali (11:16):
We went to college together. Wow. Yeah, we went to, oh my gosh. High school together, college together.

Young Han (11:24):
You guys are legitimately high school sweethearts. Like the actual quintessential high school sweethearts. That's amazing. That's so cool.

Josh Moreali (11:31):
Oh geez.

Young Han (11:32):
Were your parents as well?

Josh Moreali (11:34):
Nah, they met, they met at a wedding and dad's a few years older. So he met them because of the people he races with were her cousins. So that's how the whole circle was connected. My dad was racing. He was friends with her cousins that are racers and then at a wedding they met.

Young Han (11:53):
So what does your, what does your wife think about you letting your kids ride motorcycles?

Josh Moreali (11:55):
Eh, she's a little bit, but she's she played high level softball. D one softball. So she's on the same page as me she's like athlete as well

Young Han (12:04):
It, yeah and then is that,

Josh Moreali (12:07):
Let 'em get up!

Young Han (12:08):
Is that why you went to physio? Because of like the physical injuries and kind of like that physical peak performance that you know?

Josh Moreali (12:15):
Nah, for me, I love the physical peak performance side of it. I love studying physiology, man. I love studying how you can pull the levers of the body and, and cause adaption and changes. So I used to study all that in like eighth grade, cuz I was a little pudgy kid. So I started weightlifting in eighth grade. The kind of changed my body into a more physical looking body. And in that journey that's when all the articles came out and reading and, and then, you know, it's a funny story, man. I actually started out in undergrad as a software engineer.

Young Han (12:47):
no way.

Josh Moreali (12:49):
Yeah man. I wanted to make money. So I was like, well yeah, do you make money? I was focused on the money aspects of yeah. And my dad, like what the heck, man? You like physiology? Why don't you do that? And I was like, I started looking into PT and premed. I was premed actually. So yeah, I went down that rabbit hole.

Young Han (13:04):
Well do you have any regrets? Not at all.

Josh Moreali (13:06):
Yeah man. I don't think I'd be happy in the hospital setting. Cause I was originally like after software engineer, I was looking at psychiatry, which is like a, me a call doctor,

Young Han (13:15):
Look at you now. I mean the reality is you're gonna make a crap ton of money this year. So like, like you are gonna get the best of both worlds. You're gonna be happy and make money. So it's just, it's all, it's all perspective in that sense. Right. And like how you manage your passion and your happiness. So sorry for putting you on the spot there, but I guess now everyone knows you're gonna make a lot of money this year. Oh geez. Yeah. But you're gonna do good this year. Right? Like you and I both know it. I mean the business is on track to doing really well this year. So it's gonna be great. So I, in some ways there's no, there's no like regret on that side because now you're, you're gonna get both the best of both worlds. I do wanna say the, like, do you think that you being like an athlete kind of growing up in that kind of like extreme sports arena has led you to run your business and kind of grow this way a little bit more aggressively? Cuz I don't know. Is there any parallels there or do you feel like it's, it's

Josh Moreali (14:04):
Not, I think that it's the opposite. It's funny on the bike. It's almost like you put on your mask. It's almost like, like the Mumba, it's like you have an alter ego, like when I'm on the bike, I'm a different person. Aggressive I'm like going after I let it out on the bike. I'm a little bit more chill, more wanting, I guess stability. So yeah, when I first made the jump from being an employee at a location several years back to being a co-owner that, that actually was a hard jump cuz then it was like, I had two kids at the time. So it like bouncing all the risk associated with that. So I guess that's probably the big thing was I had other variables to consider other than just myself. So I, I would say no, cuz it is like almost like an ultra ego on the motorcycle.

Young Han (14:50):
Do you think that that triggered once you had kids?

Josh Moreali (14:52):
I think once I had kids, man, cause then it's like, oh man, I gotta like provide and make sure that they're stable and

Young Han (14:58):
Isn't that something right there, man. Cause I feel like I used to be so aggressive too. Like I, I would start a business and like just dive, head deep into it and like I wouldn't worry, you know, cuz I'm like just no fear, you know, just absolute, really no fear at all. And then I had kids and now I'm like scared to do anything and it's not necessarily good or bad. It's just the reality. Right. And so maybe not all everyone feels that way and maybe something I could work on, but I don't know if I want to. Right. Cause I it's just not worth the risk anymore to not have income coming in stability and all those things cuz I wanna be able to provide a certain level of a lifestyle for my kids and family. And so I'm is that kind of like what you're thinking as well too or

Josh Moreali (15:37):
Yeah, I take big breaths with that stuff. Cuz I, I got exposed to some really hard stuff, working with some of these older folks that you ask 'em man, if you can talk to your 20 year old self right now, what would you tell them? And every single time it's like, don't worry, it'll work out. Be with your family, time matters more. So I'm like, I always have that in my head cuz it's always like we're in a drive. Like let's go, let's go. So we have like two resources. We have the money we have the time and then it starts becoming like time becomes more important with the family. And then it's like, you're trying balance those to which we can get into. But man, that is the toughest part about being a business owner is, is trying to still be there for your kids, be there for their first birthday, be there for their athletics because when you're an owner, man, you you're running multiple shows with multiple hats, at least in the beginning. So that, that is a big one. And those older folks, man, they bring perspective cuz you're like, dang, I don't wanna be that 80 year old on my death bed being like, I wish I would've did this or that.

Young Han (16:39):
 I actually have to argue. Cause I mean, I do know you on a professional side and there are times where you're like, no, that's a hard, no I can't do that time. Or I can't take that meeting or I can't do that project because I'm with my kids or I'm, you know, I'm responsible for, you know, this piece of school work or you have a hard boundary for time with your kids. I mean, it's pretty hard. It's much harder than most business people. Right. And so that's a statement in itself. So do you know what I'm talking about?

Josh Moreali (17:08):
That's because of those people.

Young Han (17:10):
Got it,

Josh Moreali (17:10):
Got it. Yeah. Cause it becomes you, you have to set boundary, you have to set intention. So if you're, if you're setting a block of time to doing something, be present for that block of time, you set instead of trying to multitask. Yeah. And trying to be like, oh I'm doing calls and then I'm doing kid stuff. It's like, you set that block of time. That's what you're doing. And then you move on the next block of time, whatever intention is, you do it. So that, that's kind of like how I've been trying to set my life up where it's making sure that all those things are, are met from a dad's perspective and from business perspective.

Young Han (17:46):
I know I'm really interested in this because I actually have a, like a massively micro level calendaring system. And I'm very similar. Like I don't know if you're doing it to the extent that I'm doing it. Cause people tell me I'm psychotic with my calendar, but I literally like have it intentionally scheduled out for like how I want to allocate my time. Cause I have the same philosophy that like time is the most valuable resource and you can use it to make more money. You can use it to make money making money. You can use it to spend time with your family. You can use it on your health. It's like there's a lot of different buckets that you wanna fill in your life. Right. And like, and how you spend your time is literally the conversation, right? It's like, it's, it's how you, you control your destiny, how you control your life in my opinion. And so I've like done it very mathematically and you're, you're alluding to that. Do you, do you do that? Are you like macro level saying like I'm gonna spend these hours a day with my family and these hours a day working and within work, you're doing these projects.

Josh Moreali (18:43):
You have to cuz if you don't the day flies by and then it's like, what did I do?

Young Han (18:46):
I gotta tell a funny story, cuz I don't know how it happened, but the other week you, me and Joey were talking at our normal weekly check-in and I don't know how it happened, but like I don't maybe it's testosterone or like male ego, but it like escalated into this really weird competition between the three of us to see who can lose the most body fat by August 31st. Right. It's the dumbest thing. Cause anybody that knows me knows that that's not a competition. I would like take, right. Like I love taco bell. I love drinking beer. I'm like the unhealthiest person ever in the sense of like intake and diet. So getting to like the lowest body fat percentage is not probably ideal for me, but I don't know. It was just like, we were just like ramping up. So just kept ramping up and amping up and I'm very competitive. So I don't know how we agreed to it, but it's been a huge, like I know it's funny. It's funny to think about, and I think about it and I talk to my wife, she's like, you're an idiot. Why would you agree to a competition like that? You're gonna lose. And I'm like, I'm not gonna lose now. I'm gonna win even more. But like trying to like incorporate that into my schedule has been just totally like challenging for me. Like how do I squeeze in my diet with my kid? It's like, how do you do that? Like when you have this, now that you're the say face the same challenge. Like how are you incorporating this new challenge with your schedule through kids? Like how do you take a new thing and add it into your current schedule?

Josh Moreali (20:01):
So I'm up at 5:30 AM training every day, working out Saturday, Sunday. So I, I got my training regimen is already set. So every now it's just a manipulating the variables. So if I wanna lose body fat, there's certain things I gotta do. Like from a lifting perspective, muscle mass

Young Han (20:19):
Little tip for you. Muscle mess. No man. I know you need to give more point weight loss.

Josh Moreali (20:22):
We're doing percent body fat. That's right.

Young Han (20:25):
It's a very specific competition. Yeah. It's not weight loss. It's body fat percentage. So, oh man, I gotta research and get caught, but you guys are like doctors in this stuff. So it's really unfair. so you just do it by basically waking up before your kids wake up?

Josh Moreali (20:39):
Yeah. That's the key, man. If you want to get things done, you wake up before they wake up.

Young Han (20:45):
Oh man. And so then you just crank out what you need to do, like your workout, your mental, physical stuff. You just do at five in the morning. And then when do your kids wake up?

Josh Moreali (20:53):
My kids are up usually by 7:30. My son's a nut though. He'll set alarm and wake up at ^:30 and kind of play in his room.

Young Han (21:02):
So he wants to wake up at 6:30?

Josh Moreali (21:03):
Oh yeah. He's a nut man. He's a type like he's gonna be a CEO he's like we'll all call him Mr. CEO. You know what he does at the park? Yeah. Yeah. COVID was really strict. It still is. But really strict at the park. He had kids in line and he was letting one at a time up the, the, the, the ladder to go down the slide. He daughter playground created role at the thing and everybody listened and was in line going up one at a time and he'd be like, 

Young Han (21:33):
Wait, can I meet your kid?

Josh Moreali (21:34):
Definitely, my son will crack you up man

Young Han (21:40):
Does he want to act

Josh Moreali (21:42):
He does. He wants it. But every time I film him, I have to get him comfortable in front of the camera man. Cuz the camera turns on. He is like so I gotta like desensitize him.

Young Han (21:52):
More than that. Like dude, the moment he turned 16, like, please let let him intern. I wanna like, I wanna like see if I can build a business with him, you know? Yeah. I'll yeah. I'll be equal partners with him. And like I have so many small projects that I'm trying to build. <Laugh> I love that he's eight years old and he sets an alarm to wake up. That's insane.

Josh Moreali (22:12):
He's a beast, He goes outside on his lunch break and does sprints. Cuz I told him like, Hey, you gotta train. Like he'll go outside and do his five sprints on his lunch break. He'll run up and down. The he'll run up and down the driveway

Young Han (22:25):
So you're raising him to be like this.

Josh Moreali (22:27):
He's kind of like his personality's already there, man. I, I am trying like I don't really try and push anything on them yet. Like we have all the values and everything that we instill. But that kind of stuff like I'm telling you when he was four years old, he ran a nine minute mile and he was crying the whole time. Like tears. I didn't tell him to do it. I challenged him. That's how like competitive he is. I said, oh yeah, let's see if you could run a mile and he would not stop people, thought I was like forcing him. He was crying while he was doing it. He wouldn't stop. That's what type of personality it is.

Young Han (23:00):
Wait, are you like that?

Josh Moreali (23:02):
No, he's it's probably from my wife's side. So

Young Han (23:05):
Then what are you doing when he finishes? Are you like, like loving?

Josh Moreali (23:07):
Him for it? It's like, you know, good job man, that's impressive. So we tell everybody like he loves to hear that.

Young Han (23:14):
Dude, I, I feel like I'm doing parenting all wrong. my kid like just tries something that she's never done before. And I'm like, I have a balloons. I have like a sky diver dropping like, like confetti, Oh my gosh. That's amazing. Yeah, no that's amazing. Did you get brought up on tough love? And are you bringing your kid up on tough love? Like how, how is this kid? So determined and resilient?

Josh Moreali (23:41):
I don't think mine wasn't too bad. A tough love. My wife grew up a little bit more tough love. Like she came from an athletic background, very athletic family, her dad, at least MVP for sports. So she's probably the one that's pushing a little bit more of that side. I grew up, my, my parents were pretty laid back. Like how I am man. Like give it a shot, give it a try. It was more of like find what you like do it. But big thing was don't quit if you start something don't that was like a big philosophy.

Young Han (24:06):
Yeah. That sounds like your son. Yeah. Well and you say you're very chill and laid back, but you're not like that in business. You and Joey are so aggressive. I've told you guys this multiple times. I'm like, I don't know anybody that like, is this like aggressive? Like you guys are, you guys are moving like so last it's not normal to double your revenue in six weeks. It's not, that's not normal, you know what I mean? So like you, yeah. You guys like you guys like you guys, when you guys want something, you guys go for it. And so it's gonna be more satisfying. Even knowing that when I beat you guys in this body fat percentage contest,

Josh Moreali (24:44):
Not gonna win young.

Young Han (24:46):
I feel like I won't, but I'm gonna try. 

Josh Moreali (24:49):
We're gonna have to check in so we can see our progress.

Young Han (24:51):
Yeah. We'll have to do that. Are there any parallels between your business life and your parenting life? Do you feel like you're the same or do you feel like there's different things about that?

Josh Moreali (24:59):
I think like this one, quote, what is it? Once you see it, you see it in all things. So that's what like learning from you is actually helping me with my parenting, helping me with my training, helping me with my physiotherapy because of the structure that you've kind of taught us with business. I'm taking that structure and using it in my life now, man, like it's principles, man. There's principles that go across all genres. So it's like, now I'm seeing that now. I have like a, what do you call a financial model for my personal now oh my God. That's awesome. It's it's like reverse engineer. What you want? Build it, build it out and see what it takes to get there.

Young Han (25:40):
Yeah. Have a success mentality. That's right. Like define your success. That's so funny. I will tell you right now I have tried doing performance management conversation with my wife that does not go well. I know. So don't take that part over to your personal, take that part to keep it in work. Right? Don't do that over there. Yeah. Pretty strong. Yeah. That does not work at all. But I, I definitely will do it on my kids, except I just like, I'm like a pushover when it comes to my kids for some reason. Cause I'm like pretty hard and when it's at work and I'm pretty disciplined when it comes to work ethic, work processes and, and philosophies. But when it comes to my kids, like, I'll try like once or twice. And then I just like bend, like do, do you have that or do you no, I have no issue.

Josh Moreali (26:23):
My little girl. My two year old Carmella. She's trouble. Yeah, she is she Trouble

Young Han (26:30):
Trouble because you bend you acquiesce. Oh, got it. Yeah. She's your creepy Girl

Josh Moreali (26:34):
She has like Redish, blonde hair. Green eyes, like lights. I'm like where the heck this kid come from, man. We're all dark skinned. Like brown eyes. Yeah.

Young Han (26:46):
Where did that kid come from

Josh Moreali (26:49):
Of jeans, man? Yeah, her mom, her mom's side has Irish my side. I guess the Italian side has some. My great uncle had green eyes. So my son has green eyes. My daughter has green eyes

Young Han (27:00):
So you are, you are strong. You're able to be stronger with your oldest, but your youngest, you

Josh Moreali (27:05):
Also one she cries and one son's like just give it to her.

Young Han (27:11):
Yeah. Okay. So I feel a little less bad cuz you're like, you're just completely like surprising me with your, your, your kid's stories of like, like this fearless, like termination. It's like really amazing. Yeah. I'd love to have my kid be like that. That's fantastic, very cool. So I actually want to kind of move towards just a couple of questions that I want to ask every guest on my show and we can, we can basically wrap this up. Cause I know you have a busy schedule and a busy day. So if you don't mind, let me, let me get right into those four questions that I want to ask everybody and, and see where you, where you're at with these. Okay. All right. So what advice do you have for other parents and soon to be parents?

Josh Moreali (27:54):
I just like we're saying the allocation of time is gonna be key. Be present during the time you're with your kids. Be fully present and listen. A lot of times with with kids. We, we don't listen, we don't hear 'em out. We don't truly hear them. So a lot of times they don't feel heard. So it's, especially when they're in like 5, 6, 7, 8 years old, they're talking a lot of times it's like, eh, what are you talking about? But make sure you listen and give them, give them what's the word. Can't think of the word. Right? Know, but basically confirmation that you hear them is one of my big, I love taking some parenting courses to try and learn how to, how to be just better man. Be present. And there's this one course called ally parenting, which kind of makes you aware of how much sometimes we don't listen to them.

Young Han (28:41):
I love that you're studying parenting you. Yeah. Well you take this seriously. Like that's amazing. Yeah. Okay. Very cool. So you're like reading books about it. You're like trying to be the best parent you are competitive. I love it. I could take a lot of pages from your book. I mean, I gotta get more. I gotta get more literal about this, cuz I think I'm doing this podcast to learn about how to do parenting because I'm gonna talk to other parents, right. That are doing the same thing as me and navigating it. But I, I haven't really picked up a parenting book since my first kid. So I I'll start doing that as well too. Thank yeah. It's great. If you can go back and tell yourself one thing before having kids, what would it be?

Josh Moreali (29:22):
Oh, dang. Make the job faster. Cuz I, I had a whole year where I was going back and forth for the, the business cuz I was so fearful. There were so many times when I would meditate on it, I would go on hikes and it's like trying to listen to that inner voice of like, she'd do it. And then it finally did it, but it was like do it earlier. Do it earlier. Yeah. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. I love that quote.

Young Han (29:48):
That is really good. That's a good business quote. Actually that's a business quote. Right? Cause that sounds much, much more like a business. Nice. Very good. Yeah. And I it's so funny that you say that cuz in hindsight I'd actually probably say the same too. I probably should have started earlier. I was so scared for, for no reason at all. Yeah. Okay, cool. What is your all time? Favorite business book?

Josh Moreali (30:08):
Which one? Which one? There's so many men we've done.

Young Han (30:11):
So yeah. You read a lot. Yeah. You guys, you enjoy your constantly quoting business books. It's like

Josh Moreali (30:17):

Young Han (30:18):
EIT. Oh yeah. That's a good one.

Josh Moreali (30:20):
Yeah. Brings awareness to like the whole process of building to all the way to the point of sale and also gimme perspective. I think a lot of times within the business community, we always have the hat of being the operator and the owner. So it's like starting to understand that you wanna be the owner. Not always just the operator.

Young Han (30:39):
That's right. That's awesome, man. Very cool. And then what is the most surprising thing that you learned about yourself? About parenting?

Josh Moreali (30:48):
Dang, unconditional love for sure man. Loving something like, and then also realizing like, dang, it's tough, but man, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Young Han (30:58):
Yeah, that's awesome, man. That's awesome answer. I, yeah. I completely agree with that sentiment. I feel like I, everyone says it's so cliche, but you, you don't realize how much you can love something. Yeah. Until you have a kid and then you're like, oh my God, I could love more. This is crazy. very cool, man. Well, that was my that was my set of questions. And I just wanted to say thank you so much for joining me here today and spending your valuable time talking to me about parenting and getting to know me getting to know you better.

Josh Moreali (31:26):
Hey, thanks young.

Young Han (31:27):
Yeah. I hope you had a good time and I'll I'll talk to you soon, Okay. Bye bye.

Young Han (31:33):
Thanks for tuning in to another episode of the girl that show, we hope you enjoyed that interview. If you wanna subscribe to our email list and learn more, you can head over to the girl, dad, show.com. Thank you and see you next time.

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